Dinner Broiler & Barbeque


The “Maxie” Special*

Voted the best dinner value in the area!

Every restaurant has their special. We are especially

proud of ours! Look at what you get . . 

Maxie’s 7oz Top Sirloin*

Dinner Salad, 2 Breaded Fried Shrimp,

Spaghetti, Choice of Potato, Maxie’s

Onion Rings, roll and butter  21.99

Maxie’s Top Sirloin*    

Our 12oz sirloin with our

private blend seasoning  23.99 

Center Cut Filet*

Maxie’s 8oz flavorful and

tender filet  28.99 

Medium well and well done filets will be butterflied for proper preparation.

New York Strip*

Our 12oz strip with our

private blend seasoning  26.99


Our 8 oz tender and juicy steak 17.99 

12 oz   25.99

Hamburger Steak*  14.99

Topped with lots of sautéed mushrooms 

Maxie Dinner*

Our terrific burger without the bun served

with a great salad,, choice of potato,

 onion rings & warm roll  14.49

Flame Grilled Steak* & Shrimp

Maxie’s 7oz Top Sirloin

grilled to order with a skewer of three lightly seasoned

char-grilled shrimp   23.99


Above served with salad, warm roll, choice of

potato, and onion rings



Teriyaki Char-Broiled Chicken

Rice pilaf with teriyaki glazed breast,

steamed vegetables and egg roll  15.49 

Chicken Strip Dinner

Succulent golden fried crispy

 chicken strips. Serve with choice of

potato and onion rings  15.49 

Char-Broiled Chicken Breast

Rice pilaf and steamed vegetables  15.49


Above served with salad, warm roll



Pork Chops

If you like pork chops, these will delight

you.  Boneless char-broiled chops with cinnamon apples   16.99



Chef Bob’s Ribs

Extra meaty & spicy pork loin backs  18.49 

Combo Platter

The best of both - BBQ ribs and

barbeque rubbed grilled chicken breast  18.49


Above served with salad, warm roll,

choice of potato, and onion rings

*May be ordered under cooked

Thoroughly cooking foods of animal origin such as beef, eggs, fish, lamb, pork, poultry, or shellfish reduces the risk of food-borne illness. Individuals with certain health conditions may be at higher risk if these foods are consumed raw or undercooked. Consult our physician or public health official for further information.

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